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     The future of work is increasingly top of mind for tech investors, who have a range of opinions about whether and how to address the growing income inequality that appears driven, in some part, by the winner-take-all dynamics of technology and globalization. Longtime VC Steve Jurvetson told this reporter back in September that income inequality will “kill us long before… Read More #TC

Meet The Competitors Vying For The Crunchie For VC Of The Year

 We’re getting ready for the 9th Annual Crunchies here at TechCrunch, where some of the brightest startups, companies and leaders hope to win the coveted Crunchie award in one of the 12 categories up for grabs. Among that mix are those who write the checks to get these startups off to a good beginning – venture capitalists. Below are the VCs who have been selected as finalists for… Read More #TechCrunch #YikYak #Spotify #VentureCapital #Crunchie
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Watch This Trained Eagle Take Down A Flying Drone

 As more and more civilians start flying drones, there will probably be an exponential rise in situations where authorities need to quickly take down a poorly-navigated drone hovering above a stadium or government building. But, since drone companies have yet to provide any sort of backdoor to manually takeover the device’s controls, authorities are on their own in figuring out… Read More #TC #Drones #Police #Government #Birds
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