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 Until now, Facebook ranked stories in News Feed with an emphasis on what you click, Like, comment, and share. But thanks to insights from new qualitative surveys where users gave each feed story one to five stars, Facebook is now leaning heavily on a second signal — what you want to see. That could reduce the visibility of stories with sensational headlines, or that overtly beckon you… Read More #TC #Twitter #Apps #FacebookNewsFeed #Mobile
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Refinery29 Debuts Its First App, A Morning News Round-Up Called “Refinery29 AM”

 Refinery29, a media site catering to a younger, female demographic, has today launched its first-ever mobile application, called Refinery29 AM. The idea with the new application is to deliver a round-up of curated news stories to readers, meant to be viewed first thing in the morning. Says the company, these stories will be presented on eight different cards in the app, and will focus on… Read More #NewsApp #IOSApps #Refinery29 #Mobile #TC
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Google Search Will Highlight Info About Primary Election Results And Candidates

 The good people of Iowa are heading to their caucuses tonight to declare who they think should get a chance to become the next president of the United States. With primary season officially starting today, Google is also making a bit easier to become an informed voter by adding a couple of election-related features to its search engine. Starting today, you can just do a search for… Read More #Republican #PrimaryElection #Democrats #Iowa #USElection
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